We all need a bit of California in our lives.

Whether we long for the caress of the warm sun on our skin, or we dream of grand natural spaces - ocean, deserts, mountains and plains - or we dream of bathing in the unique magic-hour light.

At Overlover we found the best way to express our California dream is to wear it.

Deeply rooted in our identity, jumpsuits are the foundation of our collections.

Overalls built America: from farmwork to fishing, miners and railroad workers commonly wore them. These functional pieces, along with denim, are intrinsically tied to the construction of the American dream. Overalls made their way through time, from machinists to rock stars, from the underground scene to runways, from natural spaces to the city grounds. Overalls became jumpsuits. They hold the soul of life, they shape our bodies, bridge gender gaps, remind us about the salt of our past adventures, consciously claim the California dream and send it out to other dreamers.

Overlover jumpsuits are an invitation to the purest wearable form of authentic self-expression. We heartily embrace our feminine and masculine sides. Our cuts inspired from the authentic, once practical and masculine outfits, offer today a vintage, more feminine and personable look. Our fabrics and combinations of materials, carefully curated from our local and international partners, unapologetically promote the freedom of movement while celebrating our bodies and stories. We believe style hides in the details - pearl snap buttons, bold and gently hidden stitches, drawstring waist and tone on tone belts - make us feel special. California’s eclectic art scene, cultural diversity, audacious and enthusiastic curiosity inspire us through each collection with bold prints.

We, at Overlover adopted the California live-and-let-live attitude, grasping the freedom to create our own styles. Our staple pieces, like Stina, can we worn with a wide range of accessories to create a range of looks: chic-sporty, boho, urban, or glamleisure.

We wear and play! We live our lives on our own terms.

We wear our California dream.